Participation in Domotex Intl. Trade Fair at Hannover (Germany) 14-17 January 2017

No. CEPC/SEC/DIF/2017/                                                       Dated: 29-9-2016





       Subject:- Participation in Domotex Intl. Trade Fair at Hannover (Germany) 14-17 January 2017.


Dear Sirs,


         In continuation to this Council circular dated: 13-07-2016 (reproduced below), we would like to inform you that  in the MAI Guidelines recently received  from Ministry of Commerce & Industry it has been stipulated that  “In order to ensure that the benefits of the Scheme reach a large number of exporters, a maximum of three participations by an exporter in a particular trade fair/exhibition would o­nly be eligible for MAI assistance, i.e. members who have availed assistance three times (including past cases) for a particular fair/exhibition thereafter have to participate in that fair o­n their own expenses.” 


       In this connection we would like to inform you that in the  earlier Domotex Fairs participation charges were fixed by this Council taking into account the available MAI assistance for  Domotex Fair and accordingly participation charges were subsidized in the earlier Domotex Fairs. Therefore, member-exporters who have already  participated  three  times  in Domotex Intl. Trade Fair at Hannover (Germany) with subsidized participation charges  are not eligible for subsidized  participation charges  for Domotex, January 2017. Those members who have not participated three times in Domotex Fair may participate in Domotex 2017 with subsidized participation charges i.e. @ Rs.13,471/- per sq.m. for built up booth and @ Rs.10,471/- per sq.m. for bare space.  Other member-exporters who have participated three times in Domotex Fair  need to pay full participation charges @ Rs.19,735/- per sq.m. for built up booth and for Bare Space  @ Rs.13,829/-  per sq.m.


                              Yours faithfully,


                           Shiv Kumar Gupta

                    Executive Director-cum-Secretary.

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