The 2016 China (Qinghai) International Carpet Exhibition in Xining (China) from 2nd to 6th June, 2016

No. CEPC/SEC/QICE (China)/2016/                                               Dated: 18-03-2016


All Member of CEPC


     Subject:- The 2016 China (Qinghai) International Carpet Exhibition in Xining (China) from 2nd to 6th June, 2016.

Dear Sirs,


           The Carpet Export Promotion Council invites application from it’s registered member-exporters for participation in the 2016 China (Qinghai) International Carpet Exhibition to be held at  Xining (China) from 2nd to 6th  June, 2016.  This is the largest  retail Carpet & Floor coverings fair in Xining, China organized by the China Tibetan Carpet Association (CTCA).  This Show provides an ideal platform to the Indian Carpets Exporters to showcase their wide range of products before the potential buyers. The Qinghai Intl. Carpet Exhibition first launched in 2004 with an increasing scale and improving standard and has attracted exhibitors from the five major handmade carpet producing countries, such as India, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan and buyers from more than 30 countries and regions including European countries, United States, Japan, Russia, Canada, Indonesia and Brazil etc.. It is expected that participation of Indian carpet exporters may fetch encouraging results.  We have submitted proposal to the Govt. for this event and application has been invited in anticipation of the Govt. Grant.


       Interested member-exporters can send enclosed application form duly filled in and signed alongwith D/D for Rs.95,000/-  towards facilitation charges for 4x4 = 16 sq.m. built up booth  latest by  11th April 2016. The participants will be eligible for MDA Grant within the maximum ceiling of Rs.1,50,000/- subject to receipt of Govt. Grant. If we receive less grant from the Govt. then the reimbursement of grant to the participants will be less. 


      As per MDA Scheme " A maximum of three participations in a particular trade fair/exhibition would be eligible for MDA assistance and exporting companies after availing assistance three times including past cases for a particular fair/exhibition, have to participate in the fair, if any, on self-financing basis."

     The China Tibetan Carpet Association (CTCA)  will provide the following facilities to the participants :


1)            Accommodation : Exhibitors would be offered standard, double-occupancy room in a four-star hotel for 6 nights from June 1st  to 6th, 2016. Accommodation will be  arranged on a voluntary basis, and each room is to be shared by 2 persons of the same gender.


2)            Shuttle Service :     From  June 2nd  to 6th, 2016 the organizing committee will provide free shuttle service from the exhibition center to the hotel. Please note that the exhibitors who miss the shuttle need to arrange their own transportation as the organizing committee will not be able to arrange extra pick-up service.


3)        Freight Transportation : For the exhibits imported from overseas, the organizing committee will cover the part of freight and other related transportation charges incurred within the territory of ChinaPlease note that this condition only apply to the imported exhibits which the agent of CTCA picked up from the named port i.e. Xingang, Beijing Airport. Goods that are already in China will not be eligible for this privilege.


4)            Volunteer Service :  The organizing committee of CTCA offers  volunteer service in each booth at the rate of 150 RMB per day per volunteer. And the service will last from around the opening time in the morning till the closing time in the afternoon with 1 hour’s lunch break in between, overtime service will be charged at the rate of 20 RMB per hour per volunteer.


                 Exhibitors who need to hire volunteers in their booth should place their requirement to CEPC or CTCA well in advance. The organizing committee of CTCA will recruit and assign volunteers as per  requirement  of the exhibitor.


               Request for withdrawal and refund of facilitation charges will not be considered after participation of a member is confirmed by this Council.


              We would also like to inform that the Council reserves the right to accept/reject any of the application and the decision of the Council in this regard will be final and binding upon all members of the Council.


                                                    Yours faithfully,


                                                 Shiv Kumar Gupta

                                       Executive Director-cum-Secretary..

Please see attached documents.
Application Form for participation in Fairs & Exhibitions