All Members of the Carpet Export Promotion Council,

No. CEPC/SEC/CL/2014           Dated: 19th December, 2014



All Members of the Carpet Export Promotion Council,


          You are aware that recently there has been a lot of  negative press coverage and other news with regard to use of Child Labour in the Indian Carpet Industry. Initially, the Kara report was published and then aired by CNN. Subsequently the Government authorities have identified children working illegally on carpet looms in big numbers which received wide media coverage.  Most recently the US Government has issued its Executive Order 13126 which intends to include Indian Carpets on the list  identifying products made by Child Labour which are banned for purchase by the US Federal Agencies.  In view of this the CEPC has decided to reinforce and increase its efforts for monitoring of looms and implementation of Code of Conduct of which all Members are signatories.


          As in the past an independent professional organization has been engaged by this Council for Registration of Carpet Looms in craft concentration areas and also for conducting random inspection of the looms to detect illegal child labour. It has been reported by them that in most of the cases, no proper work-order is being issued by the exporters/manufacturers/contractors to the loom owners.


We would request our members to use only Registered looms and issue proper work-orders to all their sources for manufacturing. They should instruct the manufacturer/ contractor/ loom owners to show the work order  when request by a CEPC Staff Member or person authorized by the CEPC for the same. Members are requested to co-operate in strengthening the self regulatory measures initiated by this Council for elimination of Child Labour from the Carpet Industry.


          We would urge our members to be very cautious and ensure that they follow the Code of Conduct adopted by this Council and not use any Child Labour in the weaving of their Carpets. 


                                             Yours faithfully,  



                                       SHIV KUMAR GUPTA                                                              

                             Executive Director-cum-Secretary