Prompt Redressal of Environmental Compliances of Dyeing units

Dated : 24.07.2017




Sub: Prompt Redressal of Environmental Compliances of Dyeing units


Dear Sir/Madam,

We are concerned that some of our Dyeing units/plants are facing difficultly in meeting the environmental compliances and its approvals. The delay in compliances has resulted in abrupt and untimely closure and sealing of some units without proper intimation and has affected the production of the Carpet Industry. The Council has taken up the matter with the relevant authorities for appropriate considerations.


The member’s exporters/units are therefore requested to send their concerns to CEPC in the following two categories:


Category A:  Completed Compliances and just awaits clearance from authorities.


Category B: In Process of adherence to compliances and are facing difficulty, if any. Clearly specify the issues/concerns.


Your prompt response on e-mail will help us in intimation to the appropriate authorities for faster redressal and addressing the issues on top most priority.




                                                                                      Mahavir (Raja) Sharma