Suggestions and Clarifications Regarding Obtaining LUT/Bond etc


Dear Friends,

Regarding facing of problems with regards to obtaining LUT/Bond etc. by some exporters at some ports, we had raised the issue at many levels. The suggestions and clarifications we have received are as follows-

Option 1:  Due to all confusion at various ICD's/Ports/divisions/commissionerate's  on how to obtain the LUT/Bond or to accept or not etc. It is best to export with the lower drawback rate, for which you don't need any Bond or LUT or Bank Guarantee. When you will file the GSTR-3 return on the 20th of each month which will say that you have not taken any input credit yet on any goods or services, that acceptance is a certificate for you to file supplementary claim. This way you don't have run from pillar to post to first get it and sign unnecessary bonds or undertakings or letters. Export at lower rate continues.

Option 2:  Is to get the LUT’s/Bonds/Bank Guarantee’s etc. (whatever is applicable).

The process so required is as follows: Below mentioned documents shall be submitted with Bond/ LUT applications with the relevant GST officer in your city :-

1.      Duly Signed RFD-11 along with application to proper officer.

2.      Bond on stamp paper of  Rs. 500/- and Letter of Undertaking on Plain Paper.

3.      Copy of Provisional Certificate of Registration in Form GST REG-25.

4.      Copy of PAN Card.

5.      Copy of IEC.

6.      C.A. certificate of last year export figures 2016-17.

7.      Certificate from bank for realization of foreign inward remittances.

8.      Status holder Certificate (if any) one/two/three/four/five star.

9.      ID proof of witness.

10.     Authorization letter of the authorized person on behalf of exporter.

A Circular/clarification to this effect will be issued shortly (preferably today) to all relevant officers at various ports etc. and will also be in public domain. Will share it as soon as it is published if any has any doubt please e-mail me at <> with cc: <>  or what apps me one on one at + 98280 60003 and if needed we can have call to explain. However, we recommend to export with Option -1.


                                                                                 Mahavir (Raja) Sharma