List of Valid Nominations - Councilís Election.

No. CEPC/SEC/ELE-18/Cir.No.5/2014

Dated: 11th August, 2014


All Members of the Council.


Sub.: List of Valid Nominations - Council’s Election.


Dear Member,


With reference to the Election notification dated 18th July, 2014, this is to inform that today the Election Committee alongwith Returning Officer scrutinized 71 Nomination Papers received in the Council for the Posts of Chairman, First Vice-Chairman, Second Vice-Chairman and Members of the Committee of Administration from various categories of this Council. After Scrutiny the Committee found 25 Nomination Papers valid, as per list enclosed.


                                                Yours sincerely,



                                       SHIV KUMAR GUPTA

                   Executive Director-Cum-Secretary &

                                      Returning Officer 

Please see attached documents.
List of Nominations Found Valid After Scrutiny